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Conversions between twips, pixels, and millimeters using Symbian C++

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The screen device in Symbian OS provides helper functions to convert a number of pixels to how much physical screen area they occupy (in twips, 1/1440 inches), and vice versa.

Detailed description

Information about how many pixels are required to draw a shape of a certain size in each device is especially useful in touch-enabled UIs, where icons and controls need to have a proper size for use with fingers.


The following methods convert between pixels and millimeters.

  #define KTwipInMillimeters 0.0176389
// Returns the number of pixels corresponding
// to millimeters (x,y) passed as parameter
TPoint MillimetersToPixels( const TPoint& aMm ) const
TReal twipsX = (TReal)aMm.iX / KTwipInMillimeters;
TReal twipsY = (TReal)aMm.iY / KTwipInMillimeters;
return iEikonEnv->ScreenDevice()->TwipsToPixels( TPoint((TInt)twipsX,
(TInt)twipsY) );
// Returns the number of millimeters corresponding
// to pixels (x,y) passed as parameter
TPoint PixelsToMillimeters( const TPoint& aPixels ) const
TPoint twips = iEikonEnv->ScreenDevice()->PixelsToTwips(aPixels);
TReal mmX = (TReal)twips.iX * KTwipInMillimeters;
TReal mmY = (TReal)twips.iY * KTwipInMillimeters;
return TPoint((TInt)mmX, (TInt)mmY);

Note that all currently available devices have square pixel aspect ratio.

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