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Creating application delivery package on Symbian and Maemo Platforms

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Both S60 Platform and Maemo Platform have dedicated mechanism how to install new applications to the mobile device. The specific package is created of all the files that need to be installed. The application installer on S60 device and the application manager on maemo device operates with this specific file.

Comparing S60 and Maemo Platforms

S60 Platform

; Example.pkg
;Language - standard language definitions
; standard SIS file header
#{"Example", "Esimerkki"},(0xA0002AD9),1,0,0
;Localised Vendor name
%{"Vendor-EN", "Vendor-FI"}
;Unique Vendor name
;Supports S60 v 3.0
[0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"S60ProductID", "S60ProductID"}
;Files to install
"MyExample.exe" -"!:\sys\bin\MyExample.exe"
} -"!:\resource\apps\MyExample.rsc"
"MyExample_reg.rsc" -"!:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\MyExample_reg.rsc"
"myexample_aif.mif" -"!:\resource\apps\myexample_aif.mif"
;required for application to be covered by backup/restore facility

Advanced Package File Options

Embedded SIS-file

How to guide for creating/signing sis files

Maemo Platform

Making Maemo Application Packages

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