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Custom Effect Gallery (Nokia Imaging SDK)

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This article contains a gallery of the community-created custom filters in Category:Nokia Imaging SDK Custom Effect. When you create a new custom filter we ask that you also add a link to the article and a few images to the tables below.

The gallery has two sections.

  • #Imitation effects duplicate inbuilt filters in the Nokia Imaging SDK. Typically these are less efficient that the original filter, but they are still useful for understanding how such effects are produced.
  • #Unique effects are custom effects that do not imitate the inbuilt Nokia Imaging SDK filters.

Unique effects

This table lists custom effects that are not available as inbuilt filters in the Nokia Imaging SDK.

Custom Effect Examples
Otsu Threshold
Sobel Edge Detection
Canny Edge Detection
Quad Transformation
Blob Counter

Imitation effects

This table lists effects that imitate Nokia Imaging SDK inbuilt filters.

Custom Effect Imitates Examples
Brightness BrightnessFilter
Color Adjust ColorAdjustFilter
Grayscale GrayscaleFilter
Grayscale Negative GrayscaleNegativeFilter
Mirror MirrorFilter
Negative NegativeFilter
Sepia SepiaFilter
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