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Customizable Call Screen

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The main idea behind writing this article is to present a customizable design model for Incoming or Outgoing calls' screen. Its just about making smart phone a little bit more smarter. I will try to explain basics of this concept. You will see in steps how current call screen is designed, then what all a contact is attached with and then the concept.

Current Call Screen Designs

Following are the screen shots from different devices representing the way call screen is currently shown:

Cs N73.jpg

"Call Screen on Nokia N73"

Cs E71.jpg

"Call Screen on Nokia E71"

Cs 5800.jpg

"Call Screen on Nokia 5800"

Generally till now the details shown at the time of calling is

  • the contact's name
  • on some device contacts mobile number
  • contacts thumbnail image if present

But there are lot of data which can be added into a contact and also lot of places where your contact can be linked with. We will in next section what all is related with a contact.

Contact Details

Contact is currently saved and managed in Address book of your mobile. You can also add it to groups.

In Address book

Mostly on all smart devices following details is attached with a contact in address book

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
  • Birth Date
  • Note (Any specific info you want to write about the person, most probable some thing which reminds you of that person or his personality).

Contact details.jpg

"Image shows some details for a contact"

Among all of the above even some details can be added multiple times, for example

  • Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email address and many other details with different Labels, as shown in image:

Contact label.jpg

"Image shows different mobile number within same contact with different label"

In Groups

User can create group of contacts. Group signifies a collection of contact with common interests.

Contact group.jpg

"Image show 2 contact in one group namely Gym Partners"

In Calender or Task Event

Currently following functionality is not present on devices. But it would be very helpful to user if, Events from calender (like birth date or anniversary) or Tasks (like meeting appointment) can be linked with contact so that when the time for event occur you get the notification with the related contact info.

A Customized Call Screen

Generally one knows who is there in their address book. But on personal level I have seen as you grew up in business and work you meet new people and most of them are just acquaintance. Its really hard to remember every one, and specially their characteristics.

This customizable call screen will present an idea of how a smart phone should help there user. Wouldn't it be great, that, when some one calls you, that time you can see all the details you have entered related to that contact on the call screen and guess what the person might be calling for or how you need to handle him. User can save precious time, which he might spend in remembering the contacts details before picking up call.

The idea is to show data related to a contact at time when that person is calling. The image below is just a dummy representation of how could be shown:

Custom call screen.jpg

"Image showing how the Customizable Call Screen"

Looking at this call screen, you can clearly remember of details about contact. Following can be figured out from the screen:

  • Name of caller
  • Caller Thumbnail image
  • Label: it will tell user from which number the contact is calling
  • Group: (will be shown if user is in some group) will tell user what all the caller is related to
  • Event: (will be shown if some pending near by event is there with caller) will let user know what caller might calling about. If its event is related to caller birth date or anniversary user can talk about it and plan about party.
  • Note: Will show user his comments on that caller, in the contact book. That will alert user how he should talk with the caller

Customizing The Call Screen

There can be many other data user wants to be shown on call screen or might also want to hide some data. What I would like to focus that user should have full control over what he wants to see at time when he receive calls. For this a Call Screen Settings can be provided to user in Settings section.


  • Utilization of mobile screen at time of call will increase.
  • Showing info according to user customization
  • The layouts and views for this screen can be more optimized, by using other UI design like, tabbed screen, scrolling.
  • In future you can even get friends GPS based location and integrate its data to call screen to show where he/she calling from.
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