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DRM Clock initialization required for validating the activation key of DRM-protected, time-based licensed content (Known Issue)

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Since the introduction of S60 3rd Edition, the devices have a DRM Clock to enforce time-based rights on the devices. The initialization of this clock requires that the network either supports NITZ (Network Identity and Time Zone) or a ROAP (Rights Object Acquisition Protocol) request is made. The enforcement is also stricter than in previous releases and no time-based content can be used if the DRM Clock has not been initalized from a secure source.

How to reproduce

Restore factory settings and use a SIM card from an operator whose network does not support NITZ. Download some content and a time-based license to the device.


Time-based constraint works only when NITZ is enabled in the network (operator-dependent feature). Alternatively the end-user could be provided with a link to ROAP registration to initialize the DRM Clock. A universal workaround is to avoid using time-based constraints in third-party applications, when suitable.

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