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Desirable apps missing from Nokia platforms

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* VPN Client : see above '''[added; check & remove this entry]'''
* VPN Client : see above '''[added; check & remove this entry]'''
* Cisco, Juniper, OpenVPN, etc - SSL & IPSec '''[added; check & remove this entry]'''
* Cisco, Juniper, OpenVPN, etc - SSL & IPSec '''[added; check & remove this entry]'''
* Lotus Traveler support
* Lotus Traveler support '''[added; check & remove this entry]'''
* Network Printing (WiFi & 3G) system wide. Support Brother, HP, Canon, etc printers. '''[added; check & remove this entry]'''
* Network Printing (WiFi & 3G) system wide. Support Brother, HP, Canon, etc printers. '''[added; check & remove this entry]'''
* SportsTracker, Endomondo - available on Symbian, WP, but not N9 '''[sports tracker available on N9 too]'''
* SportsTracker, Endomondo - available on Symbian, WP, but not N9 '''[sports tracker available on N9 too]'''

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This article lists desirable apps that are missing from Nokia platforms or from the stores for Nokia platforms. Readers are encouraged to extend this list with their own key "missing" apps.

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Created: qgil (29 Mar 2012)
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Moving between mobile platforms can be a painful process, particularly when an app you've come to rely on is not present on your new device. This article aims to identify the "key apps" that are not available for some or all Nokia Platforms and to:

  • Encourage their publishers to make them available for the other platforms
  • Encourage developers to make them available through Nokia Store
  • Identify valid alternatives if these apps can't be published

How do I use this page?

Copy-paste the following template into the appropriate platform sections below, modifying the store link and name (or using another link if Nokia Store not available - e.g. Windows Phone Marketplace). Add a very short description and information on why you miss the app, along with answers to the other "questions" in the template.

* [ Name of app]
** Very short description.
** Why you miss this app.
** Is it for a feature that other apps could provide?
** Is it a specific brand or service you are after?

Any other user can add further supporting reasons as additional bullet points.

Platform Lists

Apps in Symbian but not Nokia N9

  • Nokia PlayTo
    • To push media content to DLNA compatible device, control media from phone
      • DLNA sharing is possible with the N9 but not in this way. This is way more intuitive.

  • Cute the Rope
    • Funny puzzle game, very addicted
    • available on symbian/droid/ios/html5/facebook
  • Fring
    • Great Integrated Messenging application
    • Missing Symbian^3 splitscreen-input, should get an optional QML interface for Qt enabled devices.
  • Fruit Ninja
    • Compelling Fruit slashing game. No idea why the developers don't monetize on it...
  • Frozen Bubble
    • Very nice game. Ported to iOS, Android also.
    • Maybe very portable due to available debian packages?
  • LinkedIn
    • Keep up to date with professional connections
  • Network Printing (WiFi & 3G)
    • Many alternatives on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian
    • This link hiro-n9 provides an experimental app for N9.
  • Nimbuzz
    • Great Integrated Messenging application.
    • Missing Symbian^3 splitscreen-input, should get an optional QML interface for Qt enabled devices.
  • Quick Panorama
    • I know theres a nokia app on the store now for panorama on the N9 but the simplified method of just panning the phone around beats trying to line up images and take additional pictures.
    • Also available for Maemo 5.
  • Shazam
    • Great app for discovering music when you are out and about.
  • UEFA Guide (see [1] or [2])
    • Ability to follow Euro Cup on the go is a must!
    • See also app for iOS.
  • Smart Office
    • Office Suite with editing
    • In MeeGo is nothing like this
    • Or any other
  • Opera Mini
    • Nothing beats speed and cost-cutting surfing via Opera Mini
    • Meego Opera Mobile Turbo Mode is worse than Opera Mini.
  • Nokia Drop
    • simple and easy way to push content and notifications to your device from public websites
    • In Meego nothing like this but there is on android "chrome to phone" which allows sending text as well "clip-board"

for all platforms .

    • Developpers response :@Nami_Zar

(true caller CEO ) However if there are any community developers who want to develop it we will support them

Apps in Nokia N9 but not in Symbian

  • Galaxy on Fire 2
    • Quite possible to be realized even on S^3 first generation Hardware. A game that seriously is missing on Symbian^3
    • Lowered texture size is only one of the issues.
  • Fahrplan
    • An app to give departure and arrival times for calculated routes in public transport. Currently only available on the N9, though as primarily Qt based, should be an easy trick to port over to Symbian.
  • Social Clients in QML
    • The native social clients on the N9, namely twitter, facebook and also mail need to appear in this form on Symbian too. WRT on Symbian^3 is clearly a no go!
    • The same applies to the chat application provided by Nokia. It needs a Qt / QML rewrite and tight integration!

Apps in Windows Phone Marketplace but not in Nokia Store

  • Bank of America
    • I can't access my bank via the N9 stock browser so an app would be the next best thing.
  • Bing Translater
    • Use your camera to translate printed text, voice recognition to translate spoken text, or the keyboard to enter text that you want to translate.
    • Works for over 30 languages and has an offline mode, so you can use it overseas with data roaming off.
    • N9 has Translate All, but doesn't offer voice recognition, offline mode, translate over camera
  • Slacker Radio
    • App exists for Symbian, but Slacker refuses to release it for Belle. I contacted support but they said "Nokia switched to WP so we are not going to support Symbian"
  • Neflix
    • Netflix app to instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix on Android & iOS
    • MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan has no software equivalent to Netflix.
  • Realtime Transit (using services)
    • Simple realtime transit arrival time prediction service applications. HTML5 works on the n9 browser for but its not as simplified or as fast to navigate in as the apps.
  • Seesmic
    • Good all round integrated Social networks application .
  • Skype app with video call
    • Skype IM and voice and video call. Ps :available for N9 but feature less (video call). Was integrated in the n900.
  • Yelp
    • so that I can check-in, and on top of that, integration with Facebook so that a "check-in" on Yelp also shares on my Facebook.
    • In fact, Yelp is the reason why I am still using my HTC Amaze over the N9..
  • eBay
    • eBay members can search, bid, and check their activity on the go.
    • Makes it easy to access eBay on the run and search for products.

Apps in competing platforms but not in Nokia Store

  • Angry Birds, many updates.
    • Why not, its fun...
  • AnyStop - real time transit. (Android & iOS)
  • Audible - iOS, Android, Blackberry
    • Internet's premier provider of digital audiobooks
    • Provides Wi-Fi delivery of your library, an optimized audiobook player, detailed listening stats
  • BiteSMS or ChomeSMS - iOS and Android
    • There is web2sms but I have had limited luck with this application when using tokens from Bite.
  • Chase - iOS and Android (JP Morgan Chase banking app)
    • Remote Deposit and push notification on account. Ease of depositing a check by taking a picture when you live 60 miles away from closest banking location and when you cant change your banks for other reasons.
  • KORG iELECTRIBE (Korg) - TNR-i - US (Yamaha) - iMaschine (Native Instruments)
    • 'Mainstream' music production 'toys'. Touch friendly, entertaining for short periods of time.
  • IBM Traveler Client
    • IBM® Lotus® Notes® Traveler Companion offers IBM Lotus Domino® mail extensions for Domino mail.
    • Now, users who synchronize their Domino mail using IBM Lotus Notes Traveler have the additional feature of viewing Domino-encrypted mail on their iPhone!
  • Instagram
    • transform photos with predefined available photo filters and share quickly with friends
    • large user base on iOS & android.
    • molome is one alternative on N9 & symbian
  • Mint
    • It's the easiest way to track my money.
  • WiFi AV remotes - like the one from Pioneer
  • Xing - the Professional Business Network With More Than 11 Million Members Worldwide.
    • You can´t have enough social network clients, right ? ;-)
  • VNC client - VNC Client like Precence VNC on the Nokia N900.
    • There are currently no VNC clients for the N9 to connect to a tightVNC server, I miss it to check who is writing on icq while sitting on the couch and watching tv. ;-)
    • Status: WIP:
  • KhtEditor - KhtEditor (source code editor) on the N900.
    • MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan has no full featured text editor, neither a programming (source code) editor.
    • Contact the KhtEditor author, Benoît Hervier, about the recent limitations of Qt TextEdit after PR1.1 (on N9/N950) and QML TextArea.
  • Evernote
    • Cross-platform note taking application with cloud sync
    • The best app for quick notes to self, readable anywhere
    • EverN9 exists in Nokia Store, but it is a read-only client and as such not very useful.
  • C:GEO - Geocaching
    • Geocaching app like the C:GEO on android.
    • The android app works great.
    • There's CACHEME but sometimes it crashes a lot
    • For nokia N9

      smcg 17:58, 4 April 2012 (EEST)

  • SketchBook Mobile
    • Not AutoCAD's Sketchbook Mobile in particular, N9 needs a good paint app.
    • Sketching/painting on touchscreen phones is real fun and most people love that but sadly there is no good paint app for N9 with features like SketchBook Mobile.
  • WiFi File Transfer
    • Upload and download files to/from your phone over a wireless connection through a web interface.
    • Makes it easier and faster transferring files between devices.
  • app
    • Take's trusted reference content wherever you go.
    • Really helpful to have a good dictionary on mobile. Wanted to make one myself with's API but they are not approving API key for last 45 days!
  • Multiple accounts for contacts synchronization, like in android
    • on a maemo class phone (like N900/N9) i would expect that the feature of syncing different accounts for contacts would be there already.
    • in addition, the option to temporarily switch off selected accounts, thus hiding related contacts would be highly welcome (like in android)
    • Android 2.0 Platform Highlights
  • LastPass Password Manager
    • There's an old version for Symbian (in Java?) and clients on almost every platform except the N9
    • It's the only cross platform password manager that works.
  • Teambox
    • A open source social collaboration and project management tool
    • An App that syncs (on demand, always, when connected to WLAN) certain directory's (e.g. pictures, documents etc.) to a cloud storage service (e.g. Teambox, Wuala, Teambox...) would also be very nice to have
  • Viber
    • Call, text, send photos and locations for free - App present on major platforms, missing on Meego/Symbian means one less chance on connecting with friends.

They exist, but not in the Nokia Store

Installable apps existing in other catalogs or repositories.

  • Profilesx
    • Profile for N9.
    • Profile to make personality.
    • That was really good in Symbian
  • JBakTaskMan
    • Also pulled out of Symbian^3 - need a QML overhaul (and a rewrite in Qt)
    • A highlevel taskmanager with deep system access. Should recieve full 19 Caps Certificate. The developer lost interest but won't share sources either.
  • ImageExpo
    • Made by DIgia, not in the Store. Nothing similar to this available except for the Netview from Nokia. Netview is only possible when using a same wifi network, same network is not always feasible.
    • Same applies to Remote Professional Also needs to appear in Store and recieve reinstated support.
  • Nokia Bubbles
    • Was a really cool idea and a fun set up. I specifically liked where it had the Map bubble and would show you were you are.
  • Pixelpipe Once had an app
    • Pulled out of Symbian^3 - needs a QML overhaul and a rewrite in Qt to be pushed to the N9 too
  • Telexy Software
    • Pulled out of Symbian^3 due to lack of financial interest. Need to be reensured of the possibility! Those apps are vital to a platform like S^3 for professional use!
    • Those once also developed SymSMB which got pulled by Nokia and was never rereleased. It only exists as old version on the net and should be rebuild by either Nokia or Telexy to support the N9 / Lumia and of course Symbian^3

To be processed

These come from misc feedback in forums, twitter, etc. Help processing these entries is appreciated.

  • Instagram [added; check & remove this entry]
  • Audible [added; check & remove this entry]
  • BBC News / Player
  • 4od
  • itv
  • 5 on demand
  • zynga poker app that links to Facebook
  • VPN Client : see above [added; check & remove this entry]
  • Cisco, Juniper, OpenVPN, etc - SSL & IPSec [added; check & remove this entry]
  • Lotus Traveler support [added; check & remove this entry]
  • Network Printing (WiFi & 3G) system wide. Support Brother, HP, Canon, etc printers. [added; check & remove this entry]
  • SportsTracker, Endomondo - available on Symbian, WP, but not N9 [sports tracker available on N9 too]
  • Melbourne Tram Tracker - available on iPhone, Android. Symbian version fairly awful Web app.

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