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Please re-translate the original document. At high level the changes are:

  • Developer Certificates are now granted to both individuals and companies through the site - as a result Open Signed Online is no longer need and has been discontinued.
  • Open Signed Offline is no longer used as a term - instead instructions on how to get a devcert are given in the user guide: User guide: Symbian Signed.
Note: Some updates made below, but need to be checked by native speaker.


为让开发者们能以测试或其它有限的目的(包括beta测试或现场试用)部署其应用,Symbian Signed提供了开发者证书(简称DevCert)的基于严格格式的签名方式。以开发者证书签名的应用只能在获得了该证书授权(基于终端IMEI号)的终端上安装。

并不拥有Publisher ID的开发伙伴们只可以通过Symbian Signed门户网站针对在线DevCert 提交SIS文件,它允许向一台特定终端部署应用。



请注意,需要具备Publisher ID才能申请及下载开发者证书,该证书可用于对最多1000台终端进行应用签名。


如果你使用离线Open Signed签名选项,那么你就可以在本地保存开发者证书,并用其来对多个应用进行签名。每次签名都绑定同样的原证书IMEI号限制,而用该证书签名的任何应用具有证书签发后36个月的有效期。

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