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Disabling WLAN scan using Symbian C++

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WLAN scan can be disabled using the CommsDat WLAN API (wlancdbcols.h).

Note.pngNote: :This API is not part of the public SDK. It can be found in the SDK API Plug-in.


The WLAN scan interval can be set using the CommsDat WLAN API (wlancdbcols.h), described in Archived:How to get and set the WLAN scan interval using Symbian C++. As a special case, you can programmatically disable scan by setting the interval as 0 (zero) minutes. Once WLAN scan is disabled, the setting for Show WLAN availability shows Never (in Settings application | Connections | Wireless LAN).

Note that this will not remove the WLAN icon from the status pane because the WLAN engine doesn't receive a notification about the change in the value of background scan interval. The engine can be notified (and the icon removed from the status pane) by adding this code snippet:

 // Notifying WLAN Engine about changes in settings.
CWlanMgmtClient* wlanMgmtClient = CWlanMgmtClient::NewL();
delete wlanMgmtClient;
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