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DrY Accordion component

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WRT example at Wiki: [http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/File:DrY_Accordion.zip DrY_Accordion.zip]
WRT example at Wiki: [http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/File:DrY_Accordion.zip DrY_Accordion.zip]
[http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/DrY_Article_Index DrY Index]
[[Category:Web Runtime (WRT)]]
[[Category:Web Runtime (WRT)]]

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The Dry Accordion is not based on any previous component, but is completely new. It Though uses the Themes from Guarana & Theme-roller.

Following code snipped shows on how the According control can be used

var domIdsData = [{
"id": "first one",
"toggle": "firstTogle",
"content": "firstContent",
"animated": true,
"id": "second one",
"toggle": "secondTogle",
"content": "secondContent",
"animated": true,
"animDelay": 1500
function expanded(id){
console.log(id + " expanded");
function collapsed(id){
console.log(id + " collapsed");
var acc = new dry.Accordion({domIds: domIdsData2,styleTweaker: styleTweaker,expanded: expanded,collapsed: collapsed,});

The construction for the According takes domIds struct as a first argument, with this struct following variables can be defined:

  • "id": internal Id fort he According, used also as Title fort he Accordion,
  • "toggle": Dom-ID name fort he div where the Accordion is to be placed in,
  • "content": Dom-ID name fort he div where the Accordion collapsing is to be placed in,
  • "expanded": true/false, defined initial collapsing state,
  • "animated": true/false, identifies whether collapsing/expanding is done with animation,
  • "animDelay": delay fort he collapsing/expanding animation.

The second argument is styleTweaker that would be used fort he themes, and expanded/ collapsed are callback functions to identify when the expanding/collapsing has finished.


Component browser at de.DrJukka.com/DrY/

WRT example at Wiki: DrY_Accordion.zip

DrY Index

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