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DrY ProgressBar

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DrY ProgressBar component is based on Guarana ProgressBar implementation, and basically it implements same functionality as the Guarana ProgressBar does.

Following code snipped shows how it can be used:

var progress1 = new dry.ProgressBar({
value: 20,
completed: progressCompleted,
styleTweaker: styleTweaker},

The constructor takes 2 items, where the second one is the name for the div where the ProgressBar is placed in. The first argument is a struct defining the ProgressBar properties and callback functions:

  • value: initial value set fort he progress,
  • maxvalue: max value fort he progress,
  • label: label shown with progress bar
  • changed: callback called when progress value has changed,
  • completed: callback called when progress is completed,
  • styleTweaker: styleTweaker for handling the themes.

setValue and getValue functions can be used for querying and setting the progress values


Component browser at dev.DrJukka.com/DrY/

WRT example at Wiki: DrY_ProgressBar.zip

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