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EWallet Cloud Storage - app showcase

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Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

Note.pngNote: This page is unfinished, I will finish it before 17 March, 2012. if you are interested, add your e-mail here, please

Note.pngNote: Update: 5th March: App distribution is being delayed as we are waiting for a 742.15 Mass encryption form from the US Bureau of Commercee

Article Metadata
Code Example
Source file: Source is not open, contains encryption
Installation file: coming soon
Tested with
SDK: SDK(s) built and tested against (e.g. Qt SDK 1.2)
Devices(s): Nokia 700 (on RDA)
Platform(s): Symbian Anna, Belle and later, Qt 4.7.4 or later
Device(s): Symbian^3 devices
Dependencies: Qt Quick Components 1.1
Platform Security
Signing Required: Nokia Signed
Capabilities: NetworkServices
Created: (04 Mar 2012)
Last edited: molbal (06 Mar 2012)

Introduction and Summary

This is a cloud based personal data storage app. It offers a really nice GUI that uses lots of prebuilt QML elements, mixed with customized ones. To make sure your data won't leak anywhere, the app only transfers and reveives the data encoded (multiple times, multiple methods)

This page is created to introduce the user interface the app, to 1) show my tricks and solutions to others, and 2) to clarify things or answer possible questions in the Qt Quick competition.

Main Screen

The screen uses a slowly fading cloudy background, because it's a nice background and, obvious for the cloud-based services. The login and password buttons are having a small animation. The first time someone opens the app and fills in that information, can register there. An easy-to-fill webpage somes in an embedded WebView that I tried to design as they were QML Components. After the registering, the system keeps the entered data, so the users can log in directly. A fancy loading indicator is fading in and out, with 3 circles rotating in different directions.

  • will continue*

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