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Enhancing phone messaging application

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==Message Received Notification Dialog Enhancement ==
==Message Received Notification Dialog Enhancement ==

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Created: User:Veeky (30 Jun 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (16 Apr 2012)

[edit] Message Received Notification Dialog Enhancement

The main idea behind creating article is to present a more enhanced design & functionality model of SMS. Now a days smart phone is getting lots of improvement by adding widget, touch screen, express music & with large memory storage. But I think Manufacturer should also think for improvement in one of most useful feature SMS. I have not observed much changes in messaging application.

Currently there are many ways available by which user communicate on a mobile device one of them is SMS. Use of SMS for personal communication is rapidly increase now a days and it becomes more popular. Lots of people sends sms to each other. Rather than useful messages most of peoples are forwarding jokes, tips in sms each other. SMS are managed in Inbox, Sent, Outbox and Draft.

Following design will impress the users who frequently use messaging services. This will also make improvement in phone functionality.

The Normal message dialog when we receive a message look like


It's showing only "1 new message" text. I think it will be more usable if dialog shows more details about message. Today most of people forward jokes, some quotes as a SMS rather than actual important message. If user are in meeting or in some busy work and user receive a message, most of the time he opens message and finds a forwarded text message. So it will be good feature if the message received dialog shows some more information like Sender name & some character of message text by

which user know whether message is important to read at this time or not. Following can be the design of message received


We can see the above message received dialog shows summary of message.

Some user may not like the above details message dialog, as it allow other near by person to read their personal message. So the best use of above feature is allow user to select the Option whether to show "Detailed message receive dialog" or "normal 1 message receive dialog". Device Manufacturer should put an option in message setting screen. From where user can set which message received dialog to display on receive of sms. Following can be the design of message setting.


The above designs show Setting -> other -> Message notification. There are 2 options in message notification 1. Advanced 2. Normal. User can set "Advanced" to view notification with message summary dialog or "Normal" to view the default notification dialog("1 new message").

The facility to delete a message directly by pressing the delete ("C") key should be given when focus is on message received dialog. Most of the time by detailed message notification dialog User will be able to decide whether message should be kept in Inbox or should be deleted without reading it. This feature will be very user friendly as it will decrease the step like open Inbox -> select message -> delete command as all this can be done by only pressing "C" button of phone.

[edit] Enhancement in Message's Inbox view

Usually to read a message user open inbox, select a message and then click on message to view message & then he press back button and come back in inbox. Why to follow this 4 steps when user can read this all in one step or by one click. Most of the times user opens a message and find it is useless and delete it.

The current design to view message is as follow


The enhanced or improved design can be


Explaination of above design

The above design allows user to view message by only selecting a message. Whenever user select any message, after a some time interval the message text should be displayed in a pop up dialog. The above improved design looks more user friendly. As user press down arrow next message will be selected. By above improved design it will possible for user to read some lines of message by just selecting it, through which user will come to know whether message is useful or not. User will be delete the message without opening it.

When User Select any message following steps will be followed

  1. Message will get focus.
  2. It will wait for sometime (say 1 second or less).
  3. Phone will automatically open a dialog in center of screen which show message text.
  4. As user press down arrow it will set focus on next message.
  5. Again step 1 will be followed.

Again definitely there will be some user who won't like this feature, or they will like to stick on the older Inbox version. Manufacturer should provide the option to set whether to use advance message view or normal message view. The setting design will be as follow:

Setting menu
Setting->Text message
Inbox view setting
Inbox view options

The above design shows Messaging ->Settings -> Text message -> Inbox view. There user will be able to see 2 options 1. Advance view 2. Normal view. By selecting advanced view user will be able to see advance version of Inbox.

In Advance inbox view also there will be an option to open a message in new window, as it is in normal view. As some user like to use advance view but also like to read full message in new window.

I think above both feature will be very good improvement in Messaging area. As new smart phones are providing lots of functionality, but manufacturer should have to focus on basic functionality (SMS) of phone.

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