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Enhancing spam feature on device

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Created: User:Veeky (30 Jun 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (13 Feb 2012)


The main idea behind creating article is to present a more enhanced design & functionality to block spam message & call on device. Now a days smart phone is getting lots of improvement, but I think Manufacturer should also think for improvement in Spam blocking. Spam filter should be introduce in smart mobile devices to act it as more smart.

Now a days, lots of people are receiving the Messages from tele marketing, from marketing guys, from banks for credit card & lot more. I think this is right time to add spam filter as a part of phone. Spam filter should be introduce for both SMS filter & Call filter. There are lots of third party application available but they are not trustful. As now a days manufacturer are adding lots of functionality in phone like maps, games as per user requirement same now it is time to add Spam filter as a phone feature.

Here in this article I would like to present the designs of spam integration on device as in my mind.

The basic concept of spam message filter

  • One folder named "Spam" should be added in message box application. Like Draft, sent, outbox.


  • One option named as spam should be introduce in Inbox -> Option menu to set any message as spam. As user set any message as spam it will be moved to spam folder and sender number will be added as spam number. And from next time whenever a message received from spam number, the message will be automatically moved in spam folder and will not show notification dialog. " 1 new message".


  • User can see all the spam message in Spam folder whenever he wants.


  • One option "not spam" should be added inside spam folder Option menu. The number which is set by user as "not spam" will be removed from spam number list, and from next time whenever a message come from that number will be treated as normal message.


Same way the spam call filter can also be added as the part of phone feature

  • One option/item named "Spam Calls" should be added on Log -> Recent call screen.


  • An option "Set as spam" should be added in option menu inside contacts list. An this option should show as "Remove spam" text when a selected contact is set as Spam.

Set as spam option
Remove from spam option

  • Whenever a call from Spammed number comes, phone itself will cut the call and play the message like "Number is unreachable", and that call details will be added in "Spam Calls" with date & time.


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