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Extended Skins API

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Describe what is the purpose of this SDK, what can and cannot be achieved using it.

Describe the structure of the API, classes, header files and libraries.

Platform security:
Provide informations regarding the restrictions imposed on this API by the Platform Security (if any).

Use cases

Describe here the main use cases for which this API would be useful.
  • Use case #1

This API can be used to asynchronously ...

  • Use case #2

  • Use case #3

Example code

Use this section to exemplify with small pieces of relevant source code how the API is to be used for implementing API's main use cases.
  • Use case #1

The following sample code shows how to ...

  • Use case #2

  • Use case #3

Example project

The following project demonstrates the use of the API. It has been tested successfully on ... {attachment}

Known issues

Use this section to specify if the API has any known limitations, device specific behavior or if the API is known to be broken on a given device/firmware.

  • The API only works on Nokia XXXX starting with firwmare XX.XX.XX
  • On Nokia XXXX the API is broken, care should be used when calling ...