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Anybody who has logged in with a valid Forum Nokia User Account can create a New Page.

Why is there no button to create a new page?

Because the Wiki is all about Links. It looks for page entries every time you make a link. If the page does not yet exist(it will be marked in red), follow the link - and you are prompted to 'fill out' that empty link - and create a page to go with it.

How to Create a New Page

To do so, simply search for the name of the page you want to create (use the go button) - then accept the invitation to create a new page.

Think first...

  • Is there another page on the same(or similar) topic. Search the Wiki.
  • How to name the page. Look at how other pages are named and organized.
  • Is a new page needed - or can you add to an existing page.

When creating the page....

  • Before saving the page - check the What Links Here button, and align your content with what exists already.
  • If nothing links to the page - how will it be found? Go and create the links in other pages. This is how the Wiki works!
  • Check the Style guide for pointers on wording - but don't get too bothered with writing ability. Generally others will help out in improving the standard of writing.

The important thing is to contribute. This is your library - your effort and input is needed to make it useful.