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Anybody who has logged in with a valid Forum Nokia User Account can create a New Page.

Why is there no button to create a new page?

Because the Wiki is all about Links. It looks for page entries every time you make a link square double brackets, that is [[ and ]]. If the page does not yet exist (it will be marked in red), follow the link - and you are prompted to "fill out" that empty link - and create a page to go with it.

How to Create a New Page

To do so, simply search for the name of the page you want to create (use the go button) - then accept the invitation to create a new page. Special:IncludableGoForm

Before you create a page, think first...

  • Is there another page on the same (or similar) topic. Search the Wiki.
  • How to name the page. Look at how other pages are named and organized.
  • Is a new page needed - or can you add to an existing page.

When creating the page....

  • Before saving the page - check the What Links Here button, and align your content with what exists already.
  • If nothing links to the page - how will it be found? Go and create the links in other pages where suitable. This is how the Wiki works! Well, the page does anyway appear on many automatically generated listings based on the categories set, but still.
  • Check the Style guide for pointers on wording - but don't get too bothered with writing ability. Generally others will help out in improving the standard of writing.

TIP! When working with draft versions, you can save a page, yet still prevent it from appearing on the automatically generated most recent articles listings by using category "Draft". It will only appear on such listings once you remove category "Draft", and replace that with the final categories for the article.

The important thing is to contribute. This is your library - your effort and input is needed to make it useful.