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Firmware change logs for Nokia X devices

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This is a community page for listing information about Nokia X firmware versions. Please feel free to add your own findings.

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  • Instructions for updating your Nokia X phone can be found here
  • The firmware change log information for other Nokia Platforms can be found under See Also or via Nokia firmware change logs


Nokia X software platform 1.0:

Nokia X Dual SIM

  • Existing device hardware version/s: RM-980 ("global") & RM-981 (Brazil)
  • Supported end-user update method: FOTA.

Change log of Nokia X Dual SIM SW release:

  • Get stability, performance & other usability improvements to your phone.
  • Microsoft OneDrive and Contact Transfer apps added.
  • Updated version of Nokia Store client.

Change log of Nokia X Dual SIM 11.1.1 SW release:

  • Colors of 3rd party app tiles can be changed.
  • Phone software performance improvements.

Nokia X Dual SIM 10.0.3 SW release:

This is the sales start SW for the device in some countries/regions.

Nokia X+ Dual SIM

  • Supported end-user update method: FOTA.

  •  ??? (this is a placeholder)

Nokia XL Dual SIM

  • Supported end-user update method: FOTA.

  •  ??? (this is a placeholder)

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