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Fisheye List

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The term fisheye originates from a camera lens, having more detail in the center of the image and less detail on the edges. In a fisheye user interface, the item in focus grows and the non-focus items remain unchanged.
A true fisheye list interface would have one item in the middle of the screen, with 2-3 lines of data, a two-line item listing above and below, and all other item having a single line.

Use when

Use this to show a snapshot of the complete information. For example showing the cricket score in 2-3 lines. User can select the list item to explore further.

Design Tips

  • As the list is scrolled, the selected item will reveal additional information. This information should be chosen smartly as it will be used by the user to determine the value of the item.
  • Different screen-size and screen-orientation should be taken into account.
  • General list-layout guidelines should apply.
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