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Created: sellis (24 Apr 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (03 Oct 2012)

Open Questions from the Nokia/Adobe Webinar of Late Spring 2008.

We ran out of time to finish the Q&A after the session. Posted here to a range of people from Nokia Developer. Hopefully Adobe and others can pitch in if there is more to add.

  • Steve Ellis - Technology Marketing, Nokia Developer
  • Hartti Suomela - Leading Nokia Developer Communities
  • Riku Salminen - Senior Consultant - Nokia Developer

  1. ian morton: The presentation seemed very marketing oriented, would be nice to have some tech ones - Steve: agreed the presentation was delivered from a marketing viewpoint. We will make sure more technical content will be in future Flash Lite presentations.
  2. samy elbaz 2: The Nokia N810 comes in with the Flash 9.0 which makes it AS 3 compatible. Will Nokia or Adobe provide best practise AS3 development recommendations for this specific device? Steve: I am not aware of any plans at the moment to create N810 guideliens - essentially there is no Delta from the desktop version.
  3. Marc Alloul: Bill: unfortunately your Audio are cutting frequently :-(
  4. Rob Toole: Can swf content be reliably embeded inside Nokia WRT widgets? Riku: Yes, for a given value of "reliable" please see: this article
  5. Alexandros Kassios: When will the first Flash Lite 3 nokia cellphones come into market? - Hartti: The first devices are already on market, like N95 & N82 models through firmware updates
  6. Paul Lamonby: As future 'real world' users of these new features, I feel it would be beneficial for all parties to get developers involved from an early stage.Steve: we are actively looking for FL content Developers to get involved in our Champions program - and through that be represented on our Developer Advisory Council."
  7. raz malchi: how can one avoid the flash default launcher when starting an application? Steve: Embed content in the web page published as Flash Lite. Lauch swf directly (possible through WRT).
  8. Eike Dehde: Will Nokia provide some new device form factors like Chumby as a kind of wifi picture frame with telephony support? - Hartti: Roadmap information is not available. Device-specific information is available after the device has been announced.
  9. Christopher Caleb: What about installing SWF's as standalone applications on series 40 devices? Is that being addressed? It would be nice if we could wrap the SWF and any resources up somehow. - Hartti: You can install swf files on Series 40 devices already as standalone applications and that has been available since day one.
  10. Hayden Porter: Does Nokia have plans to release Flash Lite capable devices for North American CDMA networks such as Sprint?
  11. Hayden Porter: It would be helpful to have a document giving developers advice on how design Flash lite experiences for both touch screen interfaces and backwards compatible to keypress interfaces. Steve - agreed, and any input on required documentation is welcome.
  12. Paul Lamonby: New distribution models sound great. Are you opening these up to developers as Beta and if so can we apply for this? Steve - Not able to discuss - but we are all aware of the problem.
  13. Greg Hunt: Also would it be possible to run a flash application from startup, using forexample qstart Riku: In S60, launching (native) applications at device startup can be done using Startup List Management (Read SDK docs for more info). So, you can write a small native launcher that does this during startup. Note that this launcher must be signed with a trusted certificate, self-signing is not enough.
  14. Frank Geldof: text
  15. Parag Shekatkar: Especially mobile gaming from an "outside the browser" perspective?
  16. JOYDEV MONDOL: What is the Flash Lite compatibility with platforms other than s60 like Win CE?
  17. Eike Dehde: Do you plan to support some offline mode like AIR at the desktop? Riku: The Flash Lite standalone player is doing exactly that. There's no forced network connection
  18. Tim Shear: Are adobe device central - device profile updates be in sync with nokia firmware updates Steve: This is an issue we are working on.
  19. albert cumplido: In which way are you working for improving security issues: SSL, .... ?
  20. Andres Ibanez: Do you know if is it possible to woirk with little databases inside user´s phone and get an connection througt Internet with others DB too? Steve: Perhaps Mobile Web Server could be the answer? See FN.com
  21. Daniel Koolman: Will Nokia be releasing a SIS wrapper for installing Flash Lite Application on Nokia S60 devices? Steve: This is a problem we are aware of. Packaging is an issue we want to offer some simple solutions for.
  22. Parag Shekatkar: How significant is this for the game developers?
  23. ian morton: Which area are small developers making most money from at the moment? Steve: facts and figures are hard to come by. Perhaps Adobe can provide hard numbers
  24. William Gregoire: Problem is, right now, provider sell per kbit internet browsing or limit to website they have contract with (google, ebay, ...) , does Nokia plan to make some 'pressure' to these providers ?
  25. Alexandros Kassios: Hello from Greece. will Flex developing integrate with Flash Lite in the future? (Alex)
  26. Alessandro Pace: will Flash Lite animated ringtones content supported in the future Nokia devices? Steve: Good question - no answer from me - impossible to talk about any future product features.
  27. Rich Hauck: Are Nokia and Adobe working together in regards to upcoming touch-screen S60 devices?
  28. Venkat Kalakkad: Would Flashlite dev tools be integrated with carbide dev tools? Steve: Unlikely.
  29. Hayden Porter: How do Flash Lite developers bring content to the OVI download service? Steve: Download! is being developed and streamlined. Nokia Developer will be publishing info as soon as we are able.
  30. Eike Dehde: What type of DRM support do you plan to provide within Flash lite inside Nokia devices? On top of OMA DRM and MS Steve: None at present.
  31. Marc Alloul: Hello, thank you very much for your time and very nice presentation. Question for Nokia. Can you share your strategy and early results with respect to commercial deployment ? given your relation with Mobile Carrier what do you see as the best path to monetize content.
  32. Andres Ibanez: Hi Bill, could I ask you a technical question about FL3?
  33. JOYDEV MONDOL: Is there any IDE fro developing Flash Lite applications? - Hartti: Adobe Flash Professional CS3 and 8 (for non-Flash Lite 3.0 content)
  34. Raj Singh: Would Flash 8 games work on mobile? Can I use the touch-screen to re-create the mouse interactions in a Flash 8 game on the desktop? - Hartti: You need to re-think the UI logic to allow keypad based interaction and you can only use functionality available on Flash Lite
  35. JOYDEV MONDOL: What did u meant by opening up more device capabilities? Is it opening up unexposed device capabilities that are actually built-in in certain s60 devices? like Accelerometer in N95... Steve: Cannot discuss specifics. When, what, and where will be announced when we are able. Sorry.
  36. Brad Nicholas: will flashlite be available on TrollTech / Qt based devices? Steve: see above. Sorry.
  37. ian morton: What Flex facilities in Flash Lite?
  38. Raj Singh: Is Flash Lite more of a runtime, or can you actually encode to Flash Lite and if so, would Flash Lite actually play in Flash on the desktop? - Hartti: Flash Lite applications do not support all desktop Flash functionality and there are some Flash Lite specific features which the desktop Flash do not support. Steve: Flash Lite on web pages does play back on desktop browsers
  39. Raj Singh: You also mention that Flash Lite 3 supports FLV, what if the Flash Player is Flash 9? - Hartti: Flash 9 (for desktops) contains support for FLV
  40. Graeme Tuffnell: On a desktop, you need to click on the flashplayer to make the screen active. How does that work on the phone? Steve: With Flash Lite embedded in a web page, you need to move the cursor and click to make it active.
  41. Bobby Rafferty: Is there any significant difference for developing for the browser than the standalone player. Steve: technically there is not much difference. Some navigation issues. Packaging/distribution is removed as a hurdle. Security sandbox could be. Content is only available online.
  42. Felix Garcia Lainez: I mean in the browser, because integrate FlashLite 3.0 in Nokia N95 will be as easy as install the player...
  43. Raj Singh: You said Flash Lite 3 supports Flash 8, does that mean I have to re-encode my Flash 8 projects to Flash Lite 3 or will it just work?
  44. Greg Hunt: Is it possible to embed flash content within our own (c++) applications? Riku: This should be possible through document handler - running the swf embedded.
  45. Barbara Margolius: Will ActionScript 3 become available for FlashLite?
  46. Fredrik Davidsson: Like the camera.
  47. Felix Garcia Lainez: How can be integrated FlashLite 3.0 in Nokia N95? Riku: Flash Lite 3.0 is included in the latest firmware update
  48. Paul Lamonby: When will Series 40 start to support Flash Lite in the browser? We need these devices to convince content providers that there is a big enough percentage of handsets that can support Flash Lite applications. Steve: sorry - not able to commnet on future product or platform support.
  49. Fredrik Davidsson: Can I access HW through Flash lite? Steve: Using middleware.
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