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Font usability design guidelines

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Font is defined as a design describing size, style, height and thickness for a groups of characters. E.g. a group of characters for Times New Roman for a certain size(lets say 10) is a font. While doing the usability design it is important to ensure that due consideration is placed on the right usage of the fonts, in terms of their style, size, color, highlighting/underline patterns etc. A rightly used font to display text/information to the user can go a long way in providing higher usability index for the application.

Some usability guidelines

Unless required, try to use the fonts which are already defined by the system.

While defining the font size, the screen resolution must be kept in mind

It is important to keep a font size which is in sync with the display screen space available to the application. Using too big or too small sized font could either hamper readibility or look very bad on the ui, neither of which is a good idea.

Example of small sized font usage
Small fontsize.jpg

Example of very big sized font usage
Too bigfontsize.jpg

Example of right sized font usage
Right font size.jpg

Font should look elegant and the characters should be easily readable

The font properties like color/size/style should make the text look nice on the UI and be very easily readible. Another thing to consider would be the target audience, for instance if we are looking at targetting elderly people, it might be a good idea to use a bigger font and a darker color to make it easy for them to read the text.

  • Keep the backgrounds behind your text solid and plain, it is more readable.
  • While using background images, use a proper combination of font type and colour so that the text is readable.

It serves to use the font in sync with the overall theme color/background image combinations to give it a harmonious look on the UI.

Example of wrong colored font usage
Wrong color.jpg

Example of right colored font usage
Right color.jpg

  • Use Bold/underline properties

While trying to emphasize/highlight a particular text, one can make use of bold font styles or use underlines etc so that the text stands out from the others and is easily noticable.

Example of underline/bold font usage
Highlight text.jpg

  • The best combination for readability is black font on a white background and vice versa

Example of right colored font usage
Right color.jpg

  • Because blue-receptors in the eye are least numerous, avoid blue for small font.

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