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Game Development Guidelines for The First Time Programmers on Series 40

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This article will give you some guidelines so that you won't make a mistake in the middle of developing your game especially when developing in Series 40 device.



When we first making our game, most of us will have some common problem. This guidelines will help us to avoid them.


Make sure to use your own idea

If in the future someone claims your game, in will be a problem for you.

Study your device

It will help you to understand what is your device capable and not capable of.

Don't use oversize image

This is mobile application not desktop application, so use image according to your device resolution.

Use few image as possible

Series 40 device have limited memory, if you use too much image, there will be error about out of memory usage.

You are using mobile device, resource is limited

We are talking about battery life here. If you make an application, make sure it won't drain your battery. For example, if you make multiplayer game, its connection will drain your battery so make sure to close its connection as soon as you are done with it.

Separate presentation and logical code

Presentation in this case is painting or drawing your game and logical is about doing the game logic. Avoid not to implement those thing in single file as much as you can.

Try in real device

Emulator isn't enough to test your game, sometime it works on emulator but not in real device.


Most important thing from above guidelines is that you must test your application in real device, emulator isn't enough.

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