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Games usability design guidelines

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(Here are some important Games usability guidelines)
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* Context sensitive help should be provided.
* Context sensitive help should be provided.
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Here are some important Games usability guidelines

  • Game should be automatically paused on events like incoming calls, messages, alarms etc.
  • Game should not continue automatically after the paused state.
  • If the game starts with a story or a video visual, the user should be provided with a skip button.
  • Relevent game data like player life, level etc. should be shown.
  • Make the keys consistent with the default applications. For example, keys 2 and 4 should be used for horizontal movement, similarly 2 and 8 should be used for vertical movement.
  • User should be able to change the control keys.
  • Should provide option to enable/disable sound and backlight.
  • On restart, user can skip the already cleared levels of the game.
  • Should provide the option of restart in the menu.
  • Softkey labels should be consistent. For example, use left key for ok, continue, options and use right key for back, cancel, exit.
  • Save the state of the game on exit.
  • Context sensitive help should be provided.

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