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General mobile app design guidelines

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Some usability tips for mobility

  • While switching to background the application should act correctly, e.g. backlight should be turned off, sounds should be paused.
  • Application should pause on high priority system interrupts, like incoming call, messages.
  • User should be able to switch to other applications.
  • Application should be paused in case of low battery, and should give an option to save the application state and close.
  • The audio level of the application should be in sync with the selected profile.
  • User can resume the application smoothly after a paused state.
  • Application should not behave abnormally in case the user provides a wrong input. A proper error message should be displayed to user.
  • Application should not exit by its own in case of low memory condition. At least a notification should be given to the user.
  • Application should handle all screen orientation properly. If it does not support landscape mode, then it should display proper message.
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