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Generate XML programatically in Qt

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This code snippet shows how to generate XML using QXmlStreamWriter. The QXmlStreamWriter class provides an XML writer with a simple streaming API.

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Devices(s): Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition, FP1, FP2
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Keywords: QXmlStreamWriter
Created: savaj (13 Jun 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (11 Oct 2012)



QXmlStreamWriter is the pendent to QXmlStreamReader for writing XML. Like its related class, it operates on a QIODevice specified with setDevice(). Element tags are opened with writeStartElement() followed by writeAttribute() or writeAttributes(), element content, and then writeEndElement(). A shorter form writeEmptyElement() can be used to write empty elements, followed by writeAttributes().

This snippet can be self-signed.

Headers files

#include <QXmlStreamWriter>
class GenerateXML : public QMainWindow
GenerateXML(QWidget *parent = 0);
//call this function to create xml
void CreateXMLFile();
Ui::GenerateXMLClass ui;
//variable having data from which we have to generate xml.
QMap<QString,QString> firstname;
QMap<QString,QString> surname;
QMap<QString,QString> phoneNumber;


#include "GenerateXML.h"
#include <QMap>
#include <QFile>
#include <QMessageBox>
#include <QXmlStreamWriter>
#include <QMapIterator>
// code for constructor
GenerateXML::GenerateXML(QWidget *parent)
: QMainWindow(parent)
setWindowTitle("Generate XML");
/* Assuming user rerived data from which he wants to creare XML.
* lets we have data of 5 user to create XML.

firstname.insertMulti("firstname", "abc");
firstname.insertMulti("firstname", "ghi");
firstname.insertMulti("firstname", "mno");
firstname.insertMulti("firstname", "stu");
firstname.insertMulti("firstname", "yza");
surname.insertMulti("surname", "def");
surname.insertMulti("surname", "jkl");
surname.insertMulti("surname", "pqr");
surname.insertMulti("surname", "vwx");
surname.insertMulti("surname", "bcd");
phoneNumber.insertMulti("number", "12345");
phoneNumber.insertMulti("number", "67890");
phoneNumber.insertMulti("number", "12356");
phoneNumber.insertMulti("number", "87654");
phoneNumber.insertMulti("number", "756776");
/* call method to generate XML */
void GenerateXML::CreateXMLFile()
/* For testing purpose, we generate in C drives,
QFile file("c://contacts.xml");
/*open a file */

if (!
/* show wrror message if not able to open file */
QMessageBox::warning(0, "Read only", "The file is in read only mode");
/*if file is successfully opened then create XML*/
QXmlStreamWriter* xmlWriter = new QXmlStreamWriter();
/* set device (here file)to streamwriter */
/* Writes a document start with the XML version number version. */
/* Writes a start element with name,
* Subsequent calls to writeAttribute() will add attributes to this element.
here we creating a tag <persons>*/

/* create mapiterator to iterate through maps*/
QMapIterator<QString, QString> i(firstname);
QMapIterator<QString, QString> j(surname);
QMapIterator<QString, QString> k(phoneNumber);
/*this while loop generates <person> tag with attributes and CDATA in each execution.
* currently we have 5 element in map so loop creates 5 tags.

while (i.hasNext() && j.hasNext() && k.hasNext())
/* create tag person */
/*add one attribute and its value*/
xmlWriter->writeAttribute(i.key(), i.value());
/*add one attribute and its value*/
xmlWriter->writeAttribute(j.key(), j.value());
/*add one attribute and its value*/
xmlWriter->writeAttribute(k.key(), k.value());
/*add character data to tag person */
xmlWriter->writeCharacters ("kamlesh");
/*close tag person */
/*end tag persons*/
/*end document */
delete xmlWriter;
// code for destructor


The code snippet is expected to generate XML as shown below.

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
- <persons>
<person firstname="yza" surname="bcd" number="756776">kamlesh</person>
<person firstname="stu" surname="vwx" number="87654">kamlesh</person>
<person firstname="mno" surname="pqr" number="12356">kamlesh</person>
<person firstname="ghi" surname="jkl" number="67890">kamlesh</person>
<person firstname="abc" surname="def" number="12345">kamlesh</person>

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