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Get Web Image in MIDlet

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MIDlet usually uses web image which can be get via

private String url;
private byte[] data;
private int datalength; 
private DataInputStream dis;
private HttpConnection hc;
url = "http://xx/xx.gif" /* or "http://xx/xx.jpg" */
try {
hc = (HttpConnection)Connector.open(url);
datalength = (int)hc.getLength();
dis = hc.openDataInputStream();
data = new byte[datalength];
if (datalength > 0) 
image = Image.createImage(data, 0, datalength); 
}catch (java.io.IOException x){}

If the image object is created successfully,it can be displayed by usual way. Such like in Canvas

protected void paint(Graphics g)
g.drawImage(image,0, 0, Graphics.LEFT|Graphics.TOP);
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