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Go2car2go QML Car2Go client - app showcase

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Created: (19 Apr 2012)
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Go2car2gol logo.png

go2car2go is a car2go client for Nokia Symbian devices with Belle and Nokia N9. car2go is a car rental service powered by Daimler and used in many cities around the world.

After successfully publishing my car2go app for Nokia N9 devices (go2car2go for N9) via Ovi Store I have decided to participate at this an app design competition organized by Nokia.

I was already trying to write an app for Symbian 5th devices (for my N97) where no Qt Quick Components were ready there about 1,5 years ago. So I had to create all my UI components myself.

But fortunately there are Qt Quick Components with lots of useful items and creating apps for Symbian/ Meego is much easier now.

Problem Areas

Let’s have a look at my car2go app for Symbian Belle devices. The beauty of Qt Quick components and QML in general one can develop his/her UI for different display resolutions with the same code. That's what i have done with my app which runs on different Symbian devices without code modification (Tested on N9, N8, X7 ).

My app is done using C++ for logic and Qt Quick Components/ QML for UI. I have used Qt Quick components as much as possible but sometimes found it kind of wired not able to change "button" color for example.

In preferences view, I have decided to compose my own group label since I do like the WebOS way :)


As mentioned above this app runs without any modification on Nokia E6 for example which has display resolution of 640 x 480 px.

You can download self-signed version with limited capabilities from here [1]

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