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Handle edwin events

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The following example shows how to handle edwin event primarily a text update. There are lot of times when we want to restrict what goes into the edwin such as only numbers, and nothing else.

Header file required:

#include <eikedwin.h>

Add following lines in .rssi file.

RESOURCE EDWIN r_your_edwin
maxlength = 511;
default_case = EAknEditorTextCase;
allowed_case_modes = EAknEditorAllCaseModes;
numeric_keymap = EAknEditorStandardNumberModeKeymap;
default_input_mode = EAknEditorTextInputMode;
allowed_input_modes = EAknEditorAllInputModes;

Add following lines in .h file.

class CYourContainer : public CCoeControl, public MEikEdwinObserver
void HandleEdwinEventL(CEikEdwin *aEdwin, TEdwinEvent aEventType);

Add following lines in .cpp file.

//In your container class
CEikEdwin* yourEdwin = new (ELeave)CEikEdwin;
yourEdwin->SetEdwinObserver(this); //to ensure you get callbacks when anything happens in the edwin
// Create a resource reader that we'll use to get the settings
TResourceReader reader;
iEikonEnv->CreateResourceReaderLC(reader, R_YOUR_EDWIN);
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // reader
// Implement the HandleEdwinEventL in your container class
void CYourContainer::HandleEdwinEventL(CEikEdwin *aEdwin, TEdwinEvent aEventType)
if (aEventType == EEventTextUpdate)
TBuf<32> buf16;
TBool needReDraw = EFalse;
for (TInt i = buf16.Length()-1; i > -1; i--)
if (!TChar(buf16[i]).IsDigit())
buf16.Delete(i, 1);
needReDraw = ETrue;
if (needReDraw )
aEdwin->SetCursorPosL(buf16.Length(), EFalse);

In case of a CEikRichTextEditor, calling the SetTextL directly would result in a ETEXT 12 or a EIKCOCTL 70 panic, to avoid that modify the code a little bit in the HandleEdwinEventL above, in case of a text change needed(needReDraw is ETrue) like this.

CEikRichTextEditor* editor = static_cast< CEikRichTextEditor* >(aEdwin);
CRichText* richText = editor->RichText();
richText->InsertL(0, buf16); // insert starting from 0 pos
//aEdwin->SetTextL(&buf16); // This causes the EText12 or EIKCOCTL 70 panics
aEdwin->SetCursorPosL(buf16.Length(), EFalse);

Now when the HandleEdwinEvent function gets called the aEdwin would point to yourEdwin created earlier, and if there is a text inputted by the user, it would check if whats entered is not digit, it would keep removing them. Thereby ensuring that you have only digits in the edwin.

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