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This article shows how to handle keypress events in Flash Lite using the on handler or a key listener (Flash Lite 2.x only). It also lists the key constants.

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Platform(s): Flash Lite: 1.1, 2.x
Created: soueldi (29 May 2007)
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Handling keypress event using the on handler

A way to handle a keypress event is using this statement:

on(keyPress aKeyCode) {A command handling code}

This example shows you how to handle "Up" and "9" keypress events:

  • Using the Text tool, drag a static text field outside your document.
    Handle keyevent.jpg
  • Convert this text into a button: Select the text field -> Right click -> Convert to Symbol -> Select Button
  • Open the Actions panel and add the following code:
    on(keyPress "<Up>") 
    trace("You have pressed the Up key");
    //Add your command handling code here
    on(keyPress "9")
    //Add your command handling code here

List of key constants

To handle the Soft Keys, you must first call the SetSoftKeys command.

Device button Keypress code
0-9, *, # 0-9, *, #
Left Arrow key <Left>
Right Arrow key <Right>
Up Arrow key <Up>
Down Arrow key <Down>
Select key <Enter>
Left soft key <PageUp>
Right soft key <PageDown>

Handling keypress events using a key listener (Flash Lite 2.x only)

//Create a listener object named keyListener 
var keyListener:Object = new Object();
//Define a function that responds to the KeyDown event
keyListener.onKeyDown = function()
if (Key.getCode() == Key.UP)
trace("You have pressed the Up key");
//Add your command handling code here
trace("You have pressed: "+Key.getCode());
//The keyListener object is then registered to the Key object

For handling the Soft Keys using a key listener, see Flash Lite 2.0 Soft Keys Example

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