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Hands-on with Marketing in a Box

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This article deals with utilizing the Marketing Guidance and Digital Marketing Toolkit that Nokia provide to developers as part of Marketing in a Box.

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Through research, Nokia have found that 58% of app developers are looking for guidance when it comes to marketing their applications. Marketing in a Box (MiB) is an initiative created by Nokia to provide assistance to those developers. The MiB page iitself consists of two parts. The first part (Marketing Guidance) is a series of videos and a document that talks about what a developer should consider before marketing an application. The second part (Digital Marketing Toolkit) is an application that generates digital marketing assets (images, videos, banners, website) that a user can use in order to promote their app.

Please note that this article refers to the beta version of MiB, therefore the functionality and user experience witnessed by the author may differ to that of other users.

Marketing Guidance

The Marketing Guidance page provides a collection of videos that provide a summary of what a developer needs to consider before, during, and after an app launch. The real meat of the Marketing Guidance comes in the document that is linked to on the page called "A Shortcut to Marketing Success". The document consists of the following six chapters.

  1. Owned media preparation
  2. In-app business models
  3. Bought and earned media
  4. Launch preparation
  5. Maintenance
  6. Analysis

Warning.pngWarning: Before I start with a review of the guide, I would have one minor criticism that it isn't immediately obviously that the guide even exists on the page (it's linked to from an image). Given the fact that some of the entries to this Wiki competition make no mention of the guide whatsoever, I think that the MiB team would need to consider making it more obvious that the document exists (perhaps even converting it to a HTML UI component that stands out more than a static image at the bottom of the page.

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