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*[[FNWiki:Icons|Icon Gallery]]
*[[FNWiki:Icons|Icon Gallery]]
== Forum Nokia Knowledge Base==
== Nokia Developer Knowledge Base==
*[[Help:Knowledge Base|Forum Nokia Knowledge Base help]]
*[[Help:Knowledge Base|Nokia Developer Knowledge Base help]]
==Wiki Management Structure==
==Wiki Management Structure==

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The wiki is easy to use, but if you do need help, this page is the best place to start. It links to guidance for readers and contributors, and also for people who want to understand how the wiki is moderated and administered. If you're still stuck there are additional topics in the Category:Help, and in the generic Mediawiki Help:Contents.

Most people will find that they don't need to refer to this help very often. The wiki is well organised by category and most readers will be able to find the topics they need by searching and by browsing from the key categories in the sidebar. Editing is also simple, with a powerful wiki editor providing tool-button access to the most common functionality that users will need, and in-editor Help that covers much of the other important wiki syntax. All you need is to be logged in with a Forum Nokia User Account and off you go.



Nokia Developer Knowledge Base

Wiki Management Structure