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Help:Fixing Broken Links

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This Help topic explains how to fix broken links. See Help:Links for more general information about creating links on wiki.

Over time links to pages and files can be broken, or redirected. In both cases links should be replaced with a direct "equivalent link", or if not possible the link should be deleted. Sometimes deleting the link means that the article itself is no longer useful and should either be archived or deleted.

External links

Use a search engine to locate alternative pages which match the title or "context" of the broken link. If no effective replacement link can be found then consider whether the link can simply be deleted. As above, if the article is no longer useful without the link then it should be deleted, or possibly archived.

In some cases it may be possible to find a copy of the original link on an Internet archive (Wayback machine). In general this approach should be used if the article is still "in scope" and there is no updated content. For example, many XNA links were broken when Windows Phone moved to Windows Phone 8 - these links are still valid and an archived page would be an acceptable replacement.

Wiki administration regularly generates lists of broken internal and external links:

  • Redirects (external)
  • Broken (external) - concentrate on "403" and "404" errors (other errors may often be ignored)

Internal links

The wiki provides tools to redirect to pages as they are moved, so broken internal links (shown in red) are more rare and are easy to detect. However these can happen, and the strategy for fixing them is the same - Search for a replacement and delete the link if no proper alternative can be found.

There are a number of special pages that can be used for finding "problem" pages:


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