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Help:Propose an Article

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Created: jaaura (18 Jun 2007)
Updated: hamishwillee (28 Oct 2011)
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We're interested in your suggestions for important missing topics. This article's comment tab provides a place where you can make suggestions, and where potential contributors can come and find out what articles we need most.

How do I propose an article?

In general this depends on how much information you already know about the required article.

If you know quite a lot of information about the article you require then we recommend you create a Stub. This would be appropriate for example if you know the information you're after, but aren't a particularly good writer. Creating a stub seeded with the information in bullet points makes a much better start for someone else.

If you only know the broad outline of what you want to see, then add a comment to this article seeded with the following information:

[[Your proposed title goes here]] 
* [[Template:Abstract|<nowiki>{{Abstract|One or two sentence description of what someone would expect to see in the article}}</nowiki>]].
* More detailed description if possible. Outline any example code you need and any key use cases that need to be addressed.

What articles do we need?

If you want to help contribute, you've come to the right place. We suggest you look for potential topics in the following places:


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