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Help:Providing Feedback

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General feedback related to the community site should be raised on the Community Help and Support discussion board. Feedback might include defects (e.g. wiki syntax that doesn't work), suggestions for improvement including new extensions or functionality, navigation issues, or just "things you like and would like to see more of".

Following discussion, defects or enhancements may then be posted as tickets. Note that we don't promise to fix any particular issue, but we will be part of the discussion and ensure that suggestions are considered. In either case, you will be able to easily track the progress of your issue.

Discussions related to a specific article should be added to article itself (using the "Comment" tab associated with the page). Please keep comments constructive and impersonal ("I think the article is great but you could make this change" is fine, but "I think you're great and would like to meet you" could be considered stalking!

Note.pngNote: The exception is if the article in question has been protected against editing or commenting. In this case you can raise the issue in the community discussion board.


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