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Redirects are used to forward users from one page name to another. They are created automatically when a page is moved to ensure that links to the original page are not broken. If needed you can create them manually - for example if an article is referred to by multiple names, or has alternative punctuation, capitalization or spellings.

Create a redirect using the syntax

#REDIRECT [[pagename]]

where pagename is the name of the destination page.

You should use the 'preview' button below the Edit window to check that you have entered the correct destination page name. The preview page will not look like the resulting redirect page, it will look like a numbered list, with the destination page in blue:

1. REDIRECT  pagename


  • The redirect will not work if the article has any categories defined in the edit form. Take care to remove any categories from the edit form, and those shown when you press the "Show more topics" button
  • Redirects can only be created to other pages. It is not possible to redirect to external pages.
  • If the pagename as you typed it is not a valid page, it will show in red. Until there is a valid destination page, you should not make the redirect.
  • The word "redirect" is not case-sensitive, but there must be no space before the "#" symbol. Any text before the code will disable the code and prevent a redirect. Any text or regular content code after the redirect code will be ignored (and should be deleted from an existing page). However, to put or keep the current page name listed in a Category, the usual tag for that category is entered or kept on a line after the redirect code entry.

See Help:Redirects has other useful information about creating, viewing, editing, and tracking redirects, and how to create redirects to category pages.


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