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Help:Renaming a page

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This Help topic explains how to rename (move) a page. For more information see: Help:Moving a page (Mediawiki Help).

You can rename a page by selecting the Move option from under the "eye" icon at the top of every wiki page, as shown below:

Moving a page

After specifying a new topic name, remember to select the checkboxes to move the Talk page and create a redirect as this ensures that existing bookmarks to the old page redirect to your new page. If you've only just created the page and there are no links or talk page, you can ignore the checkboxes.

What if there is no move option?

There will be no move option if you don't have the necessary rights to move a page. This might be, for example, if the page is protected against moving or editing because it is "official" or central to the operation of the wiki. If you need to move a page and you can't then add a comment to the page, or raise a request on the Feedback discussion board.


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