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This topic lists all public templates (templates that are not "Under Construction" or explicitly tagged as "for internal use".

There are 84 templates in this list
Article Abstract
Template:-Forces a break after a floating element.
Template:AbstractShort text describing topic
Template:AdvertisingThis template should be applied to the top of any page that is an advertisement for a product or service.
Template:AnchorThis template can be used to create an HTML anchor at arbitrary points within the article, for example just before images. The anchor can then be linked to in the same way as heading anchors.
Template:AnnouncementThis template adds an announcement to an article. This is intended primarily for category and other main wiki entry point pages.
Template:ArchivedApply this template to articles that are no longer relevant for third-party developers creating commercial solutions today.
Template:ArticleMetaDataThis template provides users with information that helps them determine whether an article is likely to still be accurate and relevant. It should be applied to all articles.
Template:ArticleNeedsUpdateApply this template to the top of articles that require a specific update or testing to improve quality or to bring them "up to date".
Template:ComesWithCodeTemplate for adding a "Comes with Code" table to articles
Template:CommentInArticleUse this template to add a temporary comment within document text
Template:CurrentSDKAnnouncementWindowsPhoneThis template should be used wherever we need to display an announcement of the "current" windows phone SDK (and of course this template needs to be kept in step.
Template:CurrentWikiChallengeAnnouncementThis template should be used to announce news related to the current Wiki Challenge.
Template:DeleteMeFlags an article as ready for deletion
Template:EqThis template can be used to insert and equals symbol inside other templates (otherwise disallowed by template syntax)
Template:FeaturedArticleWiki administration add this template to Featured Articles.
Template:GetAbstractGets the abstract/short description for a specified page
Template:GetFeaturedArticleTextThis template is used to display correctly formatted text for a specified featured article
Template:GetOriginalAuthorThis template gets the creator of a page
Template:HelpPageThis template should be applied to the top of "Help" pages to add the Help icon and Help category
Template:HoverTextUse this template to add hover text over some other text.
Template:IcodeMark up inline code or filenames in the body of text (see Help:Formatting Code).
Template:InfoBoxThis template is base class for "notification" information boxes like notes, tips etc. Use it to create new info-boxes when needed.
Template:InternalUseTags article or template as being "for internal use"
Template:KBDCDevelopers should apply this template to articles in order to mark them as "candidates" for inclusion in the Knowledge Base.
Template:Licence-CC-AttributionShareAlike2.5-NokiaCopyrightThis template can be used to apply the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike v2.5 license licence with Nokia Copyright. Note that the license should only be applied to works ported to the wiki under that license - where possible content should be hosted under the default site Terms and conditions.
Template:Licence-CC-BY-SA-2.0This template can be used to apply the Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 license to a document. Note that the license should only be applied to works ported to the wiki under that license - where possible content should be hosted under the default site Terms and conditions.
Template:Licence-CreativeCommons-AttributionNoDerivatives-3.0Applies Creative Commons License (Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 3.0 UK: England & Wales License)
Template:Licence-SymbianFoundation-CC-BY-SA-2.0Licence text for content copied from the Symbian Foundation developer website (CC BY SA 2.0)
Template:MV Qt Articles
Template:Mobile Design
Template:Mobile Design Bottom
Template:Mobile Design2
Template:Mobile Design3
Template:Mobile Design4
Template:Mobile Design5
Template:NeedsMoreWorkThis template adds the "more work needed" note. This should be applied to articles that need a large amount of work to be fit for use, such that it is impossible to list it all. Where possible Template:ArticleNeedsUpdate should be used in preference. Articles that have this template for too long without being fixed should be deleted or turned into "Stubs" or deleted.
Template:NoteThis template adds a "note" to an article.
Template:QapinameCreates an external link to "core" Qt reference documentation from a named api item
Template:Qt Articles
Template:ReviewForRemovalFromArchiveAdd this template to an Archived|Archived article if you think it is still relevant, and should not be archived.
Template:ReviewerApprovedAdd this template as a comment to mark the associated article as Reviewer Approved.
Template:Sandbox/defaultThis template adds a "note" to an article.
Template:SeeAlsoThis template is used to add a list of links to related articles.
Template:SetUrlArgumentsCreates an URL link for sending messages to another page (retrieved using Template:UrlArgument)
Template:StubThis template is used to mark "Stub" topics and to provide basic information about what information is required by the article.
Template:SymbianFoundationMigratedContentWarningTemplate applied to Symbian Foundation documents ported to this wiki. When articles have been checked this template may be removed.
Template:TipThis template is used to add tip or hint guidance to an article.
Template:TrailCreates a navigation "Trail"
Template:Upload Notice
Template:UrlArgumentGets URL parameters sent to page using Template:SetUrlArguments
Template:VersionHintThis template provides a preview listing of Nokia platform and version categories for easy copying into your wiki text
Template:WarningThis template is used to add warning text to an article.
Template:Wiki Admin

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