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Help:Toggle Hide and Display Text

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This Help topic explains how to create a section of wiki text that can be hidden or displayed by toggling a link on the page. This type of UI element is also know as a "twistie", and is useful for hiding less essential information relevant to a topic.

Warning.pngWarning: Extension:ToogleDisplay is deprecated - instead use the instructions in Manual:Collapsible_elements



<toggledisplay>Text that is hidden</toggledisplay>


  • status: show | hide (default). Specify whether the text is display when the page is loaded (by default it's hidden)
  • showtext: text used for the toggle link when text is hidden. Default is "show details"
  • hidetext: text used for the toggle link when text is displayed. Default is "hide details"
  • linkstyle. Change CSS style of the toggle link. Default is "font-size:smaller"
  • portal="true". Adds an arrow image to the right of the toggle text that can be used to open/close the toggledisplay. This is used to emulate the open/close behaviour of the table of contents box in wiki right hand floating boxes (for example, see the implementation of Template:SeeAlso)

For more information see: Extension:ToggleDisplay2#Usage (Extension Help)


Basic use

<toggledisplay>Text that is hidden</toggledisplay>

Results in:

[show details]

Change toggle link text

<toggledisplay showtext="More" hidetext="Hide">Text that is hidden</toggledisplay>

Results in:


Set toggle link text CSS parameters

Make link text bigger and change colour to red.

<toggledisplay linkstyle="font-size:bigger; color:red;">Text that is hidden</toggledisplay>

Results in:

[show details]

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