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Help:Translating Wiki Articles

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This Help topic explains how to translate articles on the Nokia Developer Wiki. Note that you should also read the general guidance on working with non English languages given in the Help:Language Policy.

Create effective translations

The following advice will help you create effective translations and avoid duplication:

  1. Do not create "duplicate" translations. Before translating an article:
    • Check that there is no translation in the sidebar "In other languages" box
    • Search for the article using keywords in both the original topic language and the translation language
  2. Do not rely on translation tools, such as Google Translate and Babylon. Experience shows that they can produce very poor results for technical content. If you have both technical expertise in the field and proficiency in both languages you may use these as an aid.

Translation checklist

In your translation:

  • Add the correct language category for your language (e.g. Lang-Portuguese, Lang-Chinese, Lang-Russian, Lang-Arabic, Lang-Japanese etc)
  • Copy the original article's categories
  • Create "inter-language links" using Wikipedia-style inter-language linking.
    • You can create a link in the sidebar "In other languages" section by adding a link with the format:
      [[language-code:Name of article in that language]]
      where language codes are jp (Japanese), zh-hans (Chinese), pt (Portuguese), en (English), ru (Russian), ar (Arabic), es (Spanish), id (Bahasa Indonesia)
    • Ideally you should create links to all translations in both the original and all translated topics.
  • Update the Template:ArticleMetaData#Translation fieds with the name of the original article, the translator (you!) and the id of the permanent link you translated (a permanent link can be obtained from the sidebar "Permanent link" option). This permanent link makes it easy to find the original translated article and determine how much has changed since the article was created.
  • Don't forget to translate figures (that have no impact in the code) and code comments.

Note.pngNote: If you make significant technical changes to either a translation or an original document, please add an explanation in the comments of the translated topics. This helps make it clear that the translations also need to be updated. Note however that translations are always going to be best effort and are likely to lag behind the original.


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