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How can I remove the gear icon from a wait note on Symbian?

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Created: (13 May 2003)
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How can I remove the gear icon from a wait note?


The gear icon is the default icon of the wait note. You need to define your own icon to override the default one. See the note example in the SDK. There are some icons IDs in avkon.mbg, for example, IDs for EMbmAvkonQgn_note_empty and EMbmAvkonQgn_note_empty_mask , which you can use to show an empty icon.
The following resource lines should define a wait note without an icon:
RESOURCE DIALOG r_aknexnote_wait_note_softkey_cancel
flags = EAknWaitNoteFlags;
items =
     type = EAknCtNote;
     id = EAknExNoteCtrlIdWaitNote;
     control= AVKON_NOTE
         layout = EWaitLayout;
         singular_label = qtn_aknexnote_wait_prompt;
         imagefile = AVKON_BMPFILE_NAME;
         imageid = EMbmAvkonQgn_note_empty;
         imagemask = EMbmAvkonQgn_note_empty_mask;
                animation = R_QGN_GRAF_WAIT_BAR_ANIM;

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