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How compile conditionally based on SDK

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Created: nigel.brown (06 Mar 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 May 2013)

This tip explains how you can write SDK-conditional code

There are a number of macros for different SDKs, including __SERIES60_31__, __SERIES60_32__ etc. Unfortunately these aren’t available for all platforms and cannot be used in all file types (for example, mmp, bld.inf).

The solution is to define your own. Make a file called “blddef.h” and put whatever #defines in it you like and put it in epoc32\include. You can now include this in your source, mmp and bld.inf. Note, for the mmp and bld.inf, you need to use #include “blddef.h” and for the source files you need to use #include<blddef.h>

Then, you can just use #if defined(xxx) as normal.

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