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How to integrate store review into an app on Windows Phone

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This article shows how to integrate "rate application" ("marketplace review") functionality in your Windows Phone application.

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Applications with high ratings are move visible in the Windows Store, results in higher application downloads, and more revenue. As a result it is important to provide easy mechanisms for users to rate your application.

This is done using the MarketplaceReviewTask Launcher, which is trivially easy to integrate into an app.

In order to write reviews the user must be logged in with the Windows Live ID.


To integrate the MarketplaceReviewTask launcher in your application follow the steps below. This can be added into any page in your application.

  1. Add the following Namespace
    using Microsoft.Phone.Tasks;
  2. Create an object of MarketplaceReviewTask class and call Show() method to show the Store client application and display the review page of your application. In this example I have used a button to show Store client application.
    private void btnRageMe_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    MarketplaceReviewTask oRateTask = new MarketplaceReviewTask();

Note.pngNote: With the above code you can open the MarketplaceReview client application. However you must sign-in using your Windows Live ID and your application must be in Marketplace to allow writing a review.


Here is a complete source code - File:WmDev RateApp.zip


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