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Devices(s): Nokia N96
Platform(s): S60 2nd Edition, S60 3rd Edition
Keywords: appuifw, menu
Created: (15 Mar 2007)
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Python can use submenu in menu options but it can be difficult to remember how to use them !

  • Item 1
  • Submenu
    • Item 2
    • Item 3

Identation has been used for a better understanding. Don't mismatch the parentheses ! Item2 and item3 will be displayed on screen only when you click on submenu.


#import module
import appuifw
# create menu
appuifw.app.menu = [(u"item 1", item1_cb),
(u"Submenu", (
(u"sub item 2", subitem2_cb),
(u"sub item 3", subitem3_cb)
# item1_cb, subitem2_cb, subitem3_cb are callback


Here is a screenshot to illustrate this submenu.

SubMenu Items

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