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How to calculate memory used by images in Java ME

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Created: (09 Sep 2009)
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In the Forum several people encounter the "Out of Memory" Exception when running their MIDlets containing many Images and/or a single big Image.

Most of the time (even the big Images) the file-size of the Images wouldn't necessarily be expected to be a problem within the application Memory Usage. This is because people assume that a 7 kilobyte Image which is a 240x320 pixels plain white Image shouldn't create any memory problem, after all it's just 7 kilobyte, right ? Well, unfortunately, this is a wrong assumption !

Internally the OS will create a Bitmap-type mapping of the Image to be able to actually display it. This means that the mentioned 240x320 pixels Image will, depending on the screens color bit depth :

width * height * (color depth/8)

Let's say we got a 16 bit screen and a 320 x 240 pixels Image, this will result in :

320 * 240 * 2 = 153600 bytes ! Exactly 150 Kilobyte, which is a lot more than the 7 Kilobyte of the original Image file-size !

So now that you know what the size and memory usage of an Image means for you as a developer you will be more aware on how to use Images and know what the impact of an Image might be on the memory usage of your application !

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