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How to change font of specific item in a listbox

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Keywords: CEikColumnListBox, CAknColumnListBox, CColumnListBoxData, CFormattedCellListBoxData.
Created: vasant21 (18 Oct 2008)
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This snippet shows how to change the font of specific item in a Listbox, Listbox font can be changed using CColumnListBoxData or CFormattedCellListBoxData as they handle data layout of the listbox items.

This snippet can be self-signed.


Here we assume that we already have a working code for listbox.

MMP file

The following capabilities and libraries are required:

LIBRARY avkon.lib
LIBRARY eikcoctl.lib
LIBRARY eikctl.lib

Listbox using CFormattedCellListBoxData for handling data

#include <eikfrlbd.h> 
CFormattedCellListBoxData* columnData = iListBox->ItemDrawer()->FormattedCellData();
// aIndex - index of item to be changed.
columnData->SetSubCellFontL( aIndex, LatinPlain12());

Listbox using CColumnListBoxData for handling data

#include <eikclbd.h> 
CColumnListBoxData* columnData = iListBox->ItemDrawer()->ColumnData();
// aIndex - index of item to be changed.
columnData->SetColumnFontL( aIndex, LatinBold12());


Font of the item specified with aIndex will be changed.

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