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How to change the active theme

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This document will very briefly explain how to change the active theme on a S60 3rd Edition device. The information in this document is provided as is and the code samples are not meant to be of commercial quality.

Please note that you need to download and install the Extensions Plug-ins for your S60 SDKs to gain access to APIs you need. Extensions Plug-ins are available for all S60 3rd Edition and S60 5th Edition SDKs. Fron the Extensions plug-ins you will need ExtendedSkinsAPI and PersonalisationSkinsSettingsAPI.


Connect to Skin Server

#include <AknSSrvClient.h> // aknskinsrv.lib

RAknsSrvSession skinsSession;
User::LeaveIfError( skinsSession.Connect( this ) );
CleanupClosePushL( skinsSession );

Fetch the package ID of the current skin

#include <centralrepository.h> // centralrepository.lib
#include <AknSkinsInternalCRKeys.h>
// iOriginalSkinPid is of type TAknsPkgID
void CMyThemeManager::StoreCurrentSkinIdL()
TAknsPkgIDBuf pidBuf;
CRepository* repository =
CRepository::NewL( KCRUidPersonalisation );
TInt retVal = repository->Get( KPslnActiveSkinUid, pidBuf );
delete repository;
repository = NULL;
iOriginalSkinPid.SetFromDesL( pidBuf );

Get a list of installed skin packages

Please see aknssrvclient.h file for more details on how to work with skins residing on memory card.

CArrayPtr< CAknsSrvSkinInformationPkg >* skinInfoArray = 
CleanupStack::PushL( skinInfoArray );

Go through installed packages and switch to the first available new skin

TInt retValue( KErrNone );
TInt i( 0 );
if ( skinInfoArray->Count() > 0 )
for ( i; i < skinInfoArray->Count(); i++ )
TAknsPkgID pkgId = skinInfoArray->At( i )->PID();
if ( pkgId != iOriginalSkinPid )
//Activate a complete skin package at once.
retValue = skinsSession.SetAllDefinitionSets( pkgId );
if ( retValue == KErrNone )
SetNewSkinIdL( pkgId );

Save the new skin package ID in central repository

void CMyThemeManager::SetNewSkinIdL( TAknsPkgID aPkgId )
TAknsPkgIDBuf pidBuf;
aPkgId.CopyToDes( pidBuf );
CRepository* repository =
CRepository::NewL( KCRUidPersonalisation );
TInt retVal = repository->Set( KPslnActiveSkinUid, pidBuf );
// KPslnActiveSkinLocation has to be changed also
// if new skin resides on mmc whereas old one resided in phone mem
// ...and vice versa
delete repository;
repository = NULL;

Free allocated resources

CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( 2 ); // skinsSession, skinInfoArray

Required capabilities


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