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How to create GIF animation Screensavers for S60 3rd Ed FP 1 devices and above

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[edit] Overview

Screen savers add another dimension to S60 personalization. Starting with S60 3rd Edition FP1 Graphic designers and artists can create screen savers for S60 Devices. Using familiar tools one can create screensavers as animated GIF, animated SVG or Flashlite Adobe Files. Here in this case we will have a look in to how to create a Animated GIF screen saver using an external tool for creating GIF (Adobe Photoshop).

[edit] Tools

Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite is the recommended tool from Nokia for creating GIF animations.

[edit] How To

  1. To create our animation from the file menu select New.
  2. In the New dialog set the name of the file.
  3. Change the width and height to 240 320 pixels (or the desired resolution of the device screen)
    Creating Animated GIF 1.png
  4. On the blank canvas, create the initial frame for the GIF.
    Creating Animated GIF 3.png
  5. Once the initial frame is ready, Go to Window -> Animation to view the Animation Window.
  6. From the Animation window click the animation menu and insert a new Frame.
    Creating Animated GIF 4.png
  7. Once the new frame is inserted make the changes to the new frame. In this I have moved the logo upwards.
  8. Continue inserting new frames as required. Set the frame duration to 0.2 sec and repeat it forever.
    Creating Animated GIF 5.png
  9. You can click on the play button to view how the final out put could be.
  10. Finally to save as GIF file, go to File menu -> Save for Web and Devices option or press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S
    Creating Animated GIF 6.png
  11. Since we dont have to do any further optimization for this simple animation, just press save.
    Creating Animated GIF 2.png
  12. Final out put as animated GIF is ready.
    Creating Animated GIF 7.gif
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