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How to create Label

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Following code snippet shows how to create Label control in [[Symbian C++]].
Following code snippet shows how to create Label control in [[Symbian C++]].

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Following code snippet shows how to create Label control in Symbian C++.

Step 1: LabelTestAppView.h

  • Open your LabelTestAppView.h file.
  • Include entries for required header files.
#include <eiklabel.h>
  • Add required functions which will be needed for control.
TInt CountComponentControls() const;
CCoeControl* ComponentControl(TInt aIndex) const;
void SetTextL(const TDesC& aText); // To change text(user-inputted)
  • Declare object of Label:
private: // data
// ..
CEikLabel* iLabel;

Step 2: LabelTestAppView.cpp

  • Open your "LabelTestAppView.cpp" file.
  • Now in the ContructL() function of your LabelTestAppView.cpp file:
void CLabelTestAppView::ConstructL( const TRect& aRect )
// Create a window for this application view
_LIT(KTextHelloWorld, "hello world");
iLabel = new (ELeave) CEikLabel;
iLabel->SetContainerWindowL( *this );
// Set the windows size
SetRect( aRect );
// Activate the window, which makes it ready to be drawn
delete iLabel;
void CLabelTestAppView::SizeChanged()
iLabel->SetExtent( TPoint(0,0), iLabel->MinimumSize());
TInt CLabelTestAppView::CountComponentControls() const
return 1;
CCoeControl* CLabelTestAppView::ComponentControl(TInt aIndex) const
switch ( aIndex )
case 0:
return iLabel;
return NULL;
//Call this function to change value of Label
void CLabelTestAppView::SetTextL(const TDesC& aText)

Note: Do not forget to add an entry for eikcoctl.lib in your .mmp file.

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