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How to detect the screen resolution on Windows Phone

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This article explains how to detect the display resolution from an Windows Phone OS 7.1 application

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Created: (01 May 2013)
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As you probably know Windows Phone 7.1 applications run perfectly on Windows Phone 8 devices. This means that your application/s could run on multiple display resolutions (which are the resolutions supported by Windows Phone 8 devices). If you want to take advantage of the new resolutions (for example downloading higher quality images for higher resolutions devices, fix some minor UI anomalies on higher resolutions) you will need to know the ScaleFactor of the device. The property is only available in the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK, but the good news is that you can access it using reflection.


We retrieve the Get method of the ScaleFactor property using refelection and invoke it only if the application is running on an Windows Phone 8 device.

Here is the snippet code:

 public static Size DisplayResolution  
        if (Environment.OSVersion.Version.Major<8)  
          return new Size(480,800);  
        int scaleFactor=(int) GetProperty(Application.Current.Host.Content, "ScaleFactor");  
        switch (scaleFactor)  
          case 100:  
            return new Size(480, 800);  
          case 150:  
            return new Size(720, 1280);  
          case 160:  
            return new Size(768, 1280);  
        return new Size(480, 800);  
    private static object GetProperty(object instance, string name)  
      var getMethod= instance.GetType().GetProperty(name).GetGetMethod();  
      return getMethod.Invoke(instance, null);  

Attached you will also find sample Windows Phone OS 7.1 test project.

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