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How to get applications Symbian Signed? TSS000273


Platform(s): Device(s):
Series 80 1st Edition
Series 80 2nd Edition
S60 2nd Edition, FP2
S60 2nd Edition, FP3
S60 3rd Edition


Symbian C++




Symbian Signed certification process.
Go to www.symbiansigned.com and study the material on the "Process" section.
Make sure that your application conforms with the Symbian Signed test criteria:
1. Take the criteria into consideration when developing the application.
2. An application that does not meet the criteria will not pass the tests, resulting in a more time-consuming and expensive process.
3. Register at www.symbiansigned.com and take care of the legal requirements.
4. Purchase a VeriSign ACS Publisher ID.
5. You can find the link from www.symbiansigned.com.
6. Since getting the ID will take some time, start the process early in your application development.
7. Sign the application with the VeriSign ACS Publisher ID.
8. Submit the final application at www.symbiansigned.com for the testing.
9. Pay for the testing.
10. Study the test report.
If the application failed any of the criteria, you will need to resubmit it to testing.
The best resource for Symbian Signed information is www.symbiansigned.com.

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