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Archived:How to get id3 tag from a MP3 file using PySymbian

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Created: cyke64 (29 Mar 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (27 Jul 2012)

There's no function for getting info about a mp3 file. So there's a function to this use.

def getID3(filename):
fp = open(filename, 'r')
fp.seek(-128, 2)
fp.read(3) # TAG iniziale
title = fp.read(30)
artist = fp.read(30)
album = fp.read(30)
year = fp.read(4)
comment = fp.read(28)
return {'title':title, 'artist':artist, 'album':album, 'year':year}

If a file name ex.mp3 exists in c:\\others you get the real title not based on the filename !

info = getID3('c:\\ex.mp3')
print 'the title is ',info['title']
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